Monday, April 9, 2012

Writing Again

Writing is a recurring itch. You have it one moment and then it is gone, discreetly numbed by other itch in life. What’s the point of writing anyway? I should ask, what’s the point of writing when no one is reading?

Some say, it’s who they are. They are writers and writers write. No big deal. It is as natural as urinating. When you feel the urinary bladder is already bursting with urine, you know it’s time to release the substance down to the nearest urinal. You don’t analyze how the urine fills up the bag and you don’t ask why you need to let them free to the outside world. You just do. It’s a no brainer fact of life.

Hollywood celebrities however, have different perspective on writing. To them it’s plan B. When asked what her backup career is, Kate Beckinsale said “A writer. I’m still hoping I will do that. I got sidetracked into this.” When the world would trade their lives just to be where Beckinsale is right now, she looks at it with a tinge of regret – “I got sidetracked into this”. The original plan was to be a writer but Beckinsale got sidetracked into fame and fortune. How unfortunate.

            William Strunk Jr., has a more sober and practical view on writing. For him, it’s a way of thinking - “… the act of composition, or creation, disciplines the mind; writing is one way to go about thinking, and the practice and habit of writing not only drain the mind, but supply it, too” Writing is an exercise which involves careful thinking and deciding what words to say and how best to say them. It’s a creative way of arranging your thoughts in a way that reveals your intellect. In this case I should say writing is the most beautiful way of thinking.


                So, why am I writing in this blog again? I told you already. It’s an itch to satisfy. This itch has returned, almost suddenly in the same rude way it left.  To the few who find what I fiddle here interesting, I beg your minds again.

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